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Our Business

PIDWe offer consulting service with main emphasis on the following topics:

  • Process and control validation
  • Operating capability
  • Safety measures

We have many years’ experience in creating dynamic models of process units on proven technology. We have, for example, concentrated experience in the field of dynamic computer simulation of compression systems. Following a pertinent P&ID, such a system may consist of a compressor train and the decisive components according as electric motor or steam turbine, cooler, pipes, valves, and the control unit, including the process control and anti-surge control.

The compressor train itself may have an arbitrary number of axial or radial stages.

Comp1 klThese components are assembled to build the compressor model. To make the model realistic, the calculated or measured performance maps of the compressor train as well as the parameters of all components are taken from the original data sheets.

The heart of such a model is an appropriate equation of state which needs to be solved in order to get detailed information about the dynamic behaviour of the process. To this end, we apply well-tried mathematical methods.

The main demands of our inquiring partners regard the following issues:

  1. Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of a compression system for scenarios such as start-up, scheduled shut-down, emergency shut-down, suction blockage, and for many other critical events.

    Parameter study for an anti-surge valve during emergency shut-down


  2. Verification that the motor drive has adequate size in order to accelerate from stand still to the rated speed and, conversely, ascertaining that the related margin of the acceleration torque does not exceed the given limits.  
  3. Drachen dimless neu2Creation of measures to avoid surge effects at high speed during an emergency shut down and, moreover, to prevent back rotation. This may require to find out the optimal sizing of the ASVs and to create a special backflow model based on the geometric structure of the compressor stages. It is furthermore of particular importance to furnish proof of the necessity and the sizing of hot gas bypasses.
    For LNG plants, a quench control facility may be designed in order to come through without damage.
    At any rate, the main objectives here are the safety and protection of the mechanical systems.
  4. For an electric motor drive, an important point as well is the study of the maximal voltage dip duration after which the related motor torque loss can be compensated, so that a complete breakdown of the system will be prohibited.VoltageDip Internetseite

  5. Evaluation of measurement results for the performance maps of a compressor “as built”, and to identify the compressor model using these actualized data.

 We have been tackling many of these problems for various facilities.

>> You can find more information on this in our reference list here.

standalone-app klWe have also developed complete simulation tools for compressor units which allow a stand-alone application of dynamic simulation procedures. Its special feature is that all components including their characteristic data are adjustable, so that the user can perform quick simulation runs without any help of specialists.

We also offer many other subjects of investigation and services including
  • Systems engineering services
  • R&D realizations
  • Services regarding modal analysis and time series analysis

SGT5-8000HTurbine geschlossen klA further main speciality of ours is the simulation of various operation modes for very large gas turbine units using associated MATLAB –SIMULINK models.

Here, we have been considering the following key aspects regarding gas turbines:

  1. Load rejection and frequency stabilization
  2. Overspeed and trip analysis

    Overspeed Internet kl
  3. These include examining the influence of system parameters, for example, gas composition, volume, or valve sizing during the above mentioned scenarios.
  4. Adaption of control parameters according to flight recorder data

It is a matter of cause that we accept other challenges in these fields!